We'd really like to see you out at our Wednesday Night Summer Worship at Yunker Farms!  And we'd like to emphasize that this is something different from our normal season Wednesday night events!  

This summer, every Wednesday through August 17th, we invite you and your entire family to come to the big picnic shelter at Yunker Farms in north Fargo enjoy dinner with us at 6:00.  Our service begins with music at 6:30 followed readings, more music, and a short message by Pastor Martin.  We follow it up with some brief discussion, prayers, and Communion.

This is a great way to enjoy a weekly worship experience, especially for those who routinely travel to the lakes in the summer or for those who might be on family trips or vacations during the weekend!

Please consider coming out on a Wednesday night to experience something very fun and different while taking in a relaxed and enjoyable worship opportunity!

in god we trust - a quartet with a message

By Mikkel Pates

Some of you have asked where the In God We Trust Quartet came from.

First, we're all life-long church musicians. In my case, my mother was the church organist at Ascension Lutheran Church in Brookings, S.D. I have sung in church choirs all my life. Church anthems have always worked out like prayers to me -- poetry about the fate of our souls.

About a third of my life I've been a Methodist. I met Barb in 1980, when I was a newspaper reporter and a Lutheran in Worthington, Minn. Barb was a Methodist who wrote advertising for the local radio station. We met at a Catholic singles group. We were married in 1982 and joined First United Methodist.

We moved to Fargo in 1983, where we joined Calvary United Methodist Church. I sang in the choir. Barb and I became particular friends of the Rev. Dick Unkenholz and his wife, Pat, who played and taught organ. Our Methodist choirs got together occasionally with Faith UMC's choir, and so in the late 1980s  I met folks like Kathy Frost, Donna Sell and Larry Wurgler.

In 1988, Barb and I joined Olivet Lutheran Church in south Fargo (the Swiss cheese church). I always taught Sunday School and sang in the church choir. Marlys Herring -- a performance major from Concordia College -- became our choir director. Her husband, Dr. Richard Herring (chiropractor in Lisbon, N.D.) was in town on weekends and sang bass.

It didn't take long before I heard that Richard loved the Bill Gaither quartet and performers like the Cathedrals. This sort of southern Gospel and something mostly foreign to me except with some standards as "He Touched Me." Eventually, we started a quartet with choir tenors Keith Bresin (paper product sales executive) and Mike Warner (former sugar beet farmer and business executive). Dick often played harmonica solos for our programs. He's studied with some of the best and at one time was recruited to play accordion with Lawrence Welk. Marlys is the real professional in the group, and plays and sings back-up.

The true story is that the quartet asked the Olivet congregation to write suggested names for our quartet on dollar bills and put them into the offering plate. They all came in with the words "In God We Trust" and so the name stuck (ba-dum-TSH)

Barb and I joined Faith UMC in 2010, where we knew the Rev. Kevin Kloster, was serving.  But I couldn't leave the  quartet behind. We practice most Sundays at Olivet for about an hour and a half, after church.  We play a dozen gigs a year, even though we now all attend different churches.

We've played at small town opera house fund-raisers, county fairs, and even helped dedicate a parking lot at a church at Manvel, N.D. After nearly ten years doing this stuff, we now have about 50 songs mostly memorized. My most memorable performances were for a now 111-year-old member of my Worthington church choir who now lives in a nursing home at Northwood, N.D.

We've also played at least three of the Live Nativity events at Faith UMC, sometimes competing with a donkey. At this last Faith UMC program, we  enjoyed our second public performance with our new bass, Jim Sele (hotel general manager). He has a big voice and a great spirit -- literally an answer to our prayers.

After all this time, we have learned that we don't have to be perfect but that shouldn't stop us from trying to get better. We often chat about theology but we don't always agree. We've learned to love each other despite our faults and imperfections. You can learn about that in the pews on Sunday or on Wednesday evenings. I guarantee it.


​​The Big House Band, the contemporary worship band of Fargo Faith, is in search of a guitar player to join their group! Acoustic and electric experience is preferred. Ability to read music or chord sheets is also preferred.

The Praise Band performs in the summer on Wednesday nights (through August 17th) in an outdoor setting from 5:30pm-7:30pm (rehearsal at 5:30pm, service at 6:30pm). In the fall (beginning September 11th), the band performs at the 11:00am service (with a Wednesday rehearsal at 7:30pm and a Sunday morning rehearsal at 10:00am). Amplifier is provided at the church, all you have to do is bring your axe for rehearsal and the worship service.

Contact Christopher Hanson, Fargo Faith Director of Music for more details if you are interested or e-mail him at

Feel free to share this with any guitar players that you think would be interested!


​Just a reminder that in July, we once again have five Sundays which means that the fifth Sunday of the month with be another SERVICE SUNDAY!  

Service Sunday is a Sunday morning that we don't go to church, but rather, we go to BE THE CHURCH!  We engage in community outreach and service projects around the area serving in the example of Jesus Christ himself- helping those who are in need cheerfully and with love.

Be watching for more information, announcements, and sign-up sheets which should be going up in the very near future.  If you have any questions, contact our Missions Leader, Melissa Wheeler! 

where are you praying the 9:09 prayer at?

We want to know where you're praying the 9:09 Prayer at!  Let us know by shooting us an e-mail at  We'd especially love it if you would take a picture of where that place is (as seen below) and attach that photo to your e-mail!


Worship Times


6:00pm - wednesday night family worship @ YUNKER FARM


​​909 19th Ave N. Fargo

We seek to be a place with:

Open Hands. We are a Christian community that acts in mission.  

Open Hearts: We are a Christian community that cares and nurtures one another.

Open Doors. We are a Christian community that welcomes all people.

faith united methodist church


We are currently on the search for some musicians here at Fargo Faith.  While we are two months out

from the "regular season" of services in September, we're beginning our search now for qualified and

experienced ORGAN PLAYERS and PIANO PLAYERS.  Both of these positions are PAID positions.

The organ player position involves performing twice a month.  This musician must be experienced and

be able to read well.  Regular Sunday music would include two prelude selections and one postlude

selection of their choice, three hymns as selected by the church staff, and an Offertory piece of their choice.  

Routinely, there would also be Communion music or special music.

The piano player position involved accompanying the choir each Sunday.  This also includes weekly Wednesday night rehearsals and the Sunday morning run-through.  This musician must be experienced, be able to read well, and have experience backing up a choir and following a conductor.  Pianist would perform two selections each Sunday.  

If you are qualified and interested, or if you know a person (or persons) who would be interested in either of these positions, please have them contact Christopher Hanson- or (701) 232-6844.

Feel free to share this job announcement to anyone and everyone who might be interested!