Dear Faith Friends,

It has been my pleasure to make music with you over the past years.  All that this commitment has involved including finding music, practicing, and then being present to play at the various services has held a central place in my life.  I will miss all of this, but I have felt increasingly over the past months while dealing with health issues that the time has come to give this up.  So it is with mixed feelings that I will be retiring from the organ and piano benches here at Fargo Faith at the end of May.

With warm regards and best wishes always,
Lorna Williams

Love Ribbons for Mothers and others

Honor your mother, sister, aunt, wife, daughter, or friend with a UMW Love Ribbon on Mother's Day Sunday, May 8th.  Ribbons will be available before and after each worship service.  A donation of a dollar (or more) each is requested.  All proceeds will go to the Dakotas Children's Ministries. 


​We will be handing out personalized Bibles in a simple, short ceremony to all of the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders

during both services on Sunday, May 8th.  Because some of you are unable to come every Sunday, I wanted to

let all of you know, so that you had an opportunity to plan on being there for this event.  We also have families

that come to one service or the other, so I wanted to offer a time for you to see this during your usual time.

We also chose to do this during both services (9am and 11am) in front of the congregation, so that the children feel special and realize how important receiving their first Bible from their church family is. They are an important and cherished part of our congregation, and we want them to feel that!

If you are unable to attend either service, please let me know by either sending me an e-mail at sylvarin@gmail.com, or either calling or texting me on my cell phone at (701) 630-1503. I will be happy to meet with you to make sure your child receives their personalized Bible before summer break begins!

Thank you for entrusting your children to our care this year! They have greatly blessed each of us, and been such a joy to have in our classrooms. May the Lord bless each of your families this summer, and in the coming year.

Peace and love to you all in Him,
Marianne Garvey


Just a reminder to everyone that we will be doing a COMBINED MUSIC SERVICE on Sunday, May 15th.  The combined

service will take place at 10am in the Sanctuary with a Potluck Brunch served after the service at 11am in the Fellowship Hall.

During the Music Service, we'll share some scripture and prayer along with lots and lots of music!  This time around, you'll be

hearing from the choir and the praise band in addition to our Fargo Faith children, vocal soloists and duets, instrumental groups

and soloists, and more!  In addition to all of that, this service is part of our Confirmation Sunday as well!

If you're interested in bringing food for the potluck, please contact the office or sign up in the lobby!

We're looking forward to a great Music Service!  Be sure to mark your calendar to be here at 10am and to participate in the potluck after!

Christopher Hanson
Director of Music

Worship Times


6:00pm - wednesday night family worship



​​909 19th Ave N. Fargo

faith united methodist church


​Two people from our Fargo Faith family were honored at the Sanford Health Volunteer Recognition Banquet this past week.  Congratulations to Linda Ward and Ken Christiansen for being outstanding volunteers over at Sanford Health!

Linda was awarded for her 3,000 volunteer hours while Ken was awarded for his 5,000 volunteer hours!

learn more about the tree of life ministry

Watch this movie clip to learn more about the Tree of Life Ministry...


Thanks to everyone who helped with the rummage sale last week!  We cleared $1,023.32 in addition to a vacuum cleaner which was donated for usage by the church.
$256.00 will go to the church for mission work with the remainder going to Fargo Faith UMW for their own continued mission work.

We worked, got treasures, and had the joy of fellowship with one another.  Thanks for a great spring rummage sale experience!
Julia Christiansen

friends of nokomis geraniums

​Friends of Nokomis are selling zonal geranium plants in 4 1/2" pots for just $5 each.  $2.45 of this amount can be considered a donation.  The hardy plants are grown from cuttings at Levi Runion's greenhouse and the color choices are red, pink, salmon, and white.

Fargo Faith's representative, Marge Opperman, will be accepting orders until Mother's Day.  You can reach her at (701) 232-1380.

This proceeds of this fundraiser will help children to "bloom" at Nokomis Child Care Centers of The Village Family Service Center.

upcoming umw events and meetings

The next UMW Meeting will be taking place on May 3rd at 12:30pm in the Fellowship Hall.  We will be having a

very interesting speaker – Judy Siegle – who will be speaking on her being paralyzed at the age of 18 and how

God has blessed her throughout the years since then.  Judy works at Hope Lutheran Church and volunteers

by taking wheelchairs overseas for those less fortunate handicapped individuals. Please join us for

refreshments and a very informative meeting. 

We will be collecting the Thank Offering at this meeting as well, although we will not do our Annual Pledge until September. 

Contact Jan Jones with any questions that you have!


We seek to be a place with:

Open Hands. We are a Christian community that acts in mission.  

Open Hearts: We are a Christian community that cares and nurtures one another.

Open Doors. We are a Christian community that welcomes all people.