where are you praying the 9:09 prayer at?

We want to know where you're praying the 9:09 Prayer at!  Let us know by shooting us an e-mail at office@fargofaithumc.org.  We'd especially love it if you would take a picture of where that place is (as seen above) and attach that photo to your e-mail!


We seek to be a place with:

Open Hands. We are a Christian community that acts in mission.  

Open Hearts: We are a Christian community that cares and nurtures one another.

Open Doors. We are a Christian community that welcomes all people.

learn more about the tree of life ministry

Watch this movie clip to learn more about the Tree of Life Ministry...


We want to keep you up to date on the MCCI (Missional Church Consultive Initiative) process as we begin to

become involved in it over the next handful of months!  First off, our 9:09 Prayer, part of the Breakthrough

Prayer Initiative, was one of the first steps in the process.  Pastor Martin has explained this to the congregation

on a number of occasions and we hope that you are participating on your own with this prayer each day at 9:09!  

If you have questions about this or need a 9:09 Prayer Card, please let us know or stop in the office and we'll get

you a card and get you up to speed on what it's all about.

Pastor Martin will begin attending a monthly meeting in Aberdeen, SD with clergy from all of the other churches participating in MCCI.  Sue Nilson-Kibbey will be leading these meetings.

Further happenings with MCCI will be updated in the future here in this newsletter - we have a lot of big things coming up with the process and we're very excited to receive direction and fostering on how to make our church a stronger organization and a stronger family in the future! 

CLICK HERE to learn more about the cohort of churches that we will participate in the MCCI process with.


Please mark on your calendars that our Summer Service schedule will begin on June 5th.  Throughout the summer, we will be doing a blended worship service at 10am in the Sanctuary.

Worship Times


6:00pm - wednesday night family worship



​​909 19th Ave N. Fargo

faith united methodist church

In need of help tonight!

Many of you know Tasha Deplazes, our Wednesday Night KIDMO leader.  Tasha volunteers over at Yunker Farm

serving as the unofficial manager of the garden in the park area.  She recently sustained some injuries which set

her back a bit in her work with the garden.

If you are available and able, please consider heading down to Yunker Farms tonight- Tuesday, May 24th, anytime

after 4pm to help Tasha catch up on her work in the garden!  It's possible that she might need help further into the

week as well, but let's get some of our Fargo Faith family over there to help tonight and get Tasha caught up!

All tools will be provided on site.  Just bring some gardening gloves and some water!  Thanks for helping Tasha, a great supporter of our young children here at Fargo Faith!


​Our next Service Sunday is coming up this Sunday!  If you're around Memorial Day weekend, be sure to sign up for a service project!

Anytime we have five Sundays in a month, we take the fifth Sunday and instead of going to church, we go out into the community to BE THE CHURCH.  We volunteer our services to those less fortunate and in need.  We go out and serve those who are seeking aid in the example of Jesus himself.  It's not a day to skip church, it's a day for us to be the church.

Sign-up sheets are located in the lobby of the church. Please sign up if you are able to help out!  If you have questions, please contact Melissa Wheeler.


The office will be closed on Friday, May 27th and Monday, May 30th for Memorial Day.

There will be no Food Ministry on Friday, May 27th due to the holiday weekend.

Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend with your family and friends.  And don't forget to take some time during the vacation weekend to stop and remember all of those who gave their lives in defense of our country and our freedom.

emergency food pantry volunteers

​Faith United Methodist Church is responsible for providing volunteers for the week of June 6th-June 10th. They are in need of two volunteers for each shift daily from 9:30am-12:00pm and then from 1:00pm-4:00pm. There is a sign up sheet by the church office. This is an easy and rewarding experience. If you have any questions, contact Mary Davidson at (701) 234-0295.


​Beginning June 15th, we'll be taking our Wednesday Family Nights outdoors!  From June 15th through August 17th, our Wednesday night home will be in the big picnic shelter at Yunker Farm in north Fargo (located at 1201 28th Avenue North, Fargo).  Dinner will be served at 6pm with worship following at 6:30pm.  A playground is right next door to the shelter for the kids to enjoy as well.

We're looking for people or families who would like to "sponsor" a service this summer.  Yunker Farm was kind enough to give us a good rate to rent the shelter. We're in search of people who would be willing to sponsor each Wednesday service for $20.  Contact the office if you would be interested in helping us out!

Just like the regular season, we're also in search of people who would like to prepare the dinner for the evening as well.  Signup will continue to be on the entryway bulletin board in the church.