faith united methodist church

What should I wear?  Come as you want! Some people in our Traditional Services will be wearing their "Sunday's Best" but if you feel more comfortable in a pair of jeans, then by all means, wear jeans. At our Contemporary Service you will probably see a lot more jeans and casual dress, but wear what you want.  It is more important that you are dressed in a style which helps you draw closer to God –for some people it is a dress, others it is jeans. 

I am not a member; am I allowed to take Holy Communion?  We believe that anyone and everyone can join us for communion. You do not need to be a United Methodist, a member of our church, or a member of any church or denomination. We realize that Christ died for everyone - not just one church or denomination.

What type of music will I hear?  During our Traditional Service we sing hymns you may have grown up with if you went to church as a child.  Our Contemporary Service features songs you can hear on any modern Christian radio station.

How long is worship? Both services are about 1 hour long.

I have an infant, do you offer a childcare?  Yes we do! Our childcare room is conveniently located right off of the sanctuary.  We have paid staff attending to all children.  And we've done criminal background checks on them to make sure they are "approved" for kids.

Do you offer Children’s Sunday School?  Yes we do! Sunday School starts at 10:00am and finishes up about 10:50am.  You will need to sign your kids in and out of their classroom as a protective measure.  We do this to keep our kids safe.

Do you offer Adult Sunday School?  Yes we do! We offer Adult Sunday School after our 10:00am service.

If I come as a visitor, will you point me out and make me stand up?  Not at all. Being a very friendly and welcoming congregation, several people may notice that you are visiting for the first time and they will probably say,"hello" before church starts, but we will not embarrass you by making you stand up and introducing yourself.

What is the format for the service? Lots of traditional rituals or no ritual or ??  Our Traditional Service follows a more "ritualistic" flow but there is no standing and kneeling or symbolic gestures that you have to know.  We do say the Lord's Prayer every Sunday but the words are on the screens in front. During our Traditional Service our pastor wears a robe. During our Contemporary Service our pastor is in his "regular clothes" and there is little to no liturgy or rituals. If you are someone who grew up in a ritualistic environment with church and prefer that type of service, you will probably feel more comfortable at our Traditional Worship Service where hymns are sang.  On the other hand, if you prefer a more relaxed environment with little to no ritual, you will probably prefer our Contemporary Worship Service. 

What kind of sermons does the pastor give? Will I understand what he is talking about?  Our pastor teaches from the Bible, but teaches it in ways that are relevant, practical, and applicable to your life. We recommend listening to one of his sermons here on this website.  Our pastor has a very unique style, and he can draw you into his message very easily.  His style is not condemning, nor is it judgmental. 

I haven't been to church in a while; I won't know what to do. Will I be embarrassed?  We sure hope not! Our services are designed for the life-long church person and for the person who has never been in a church. Like any new place, there may be some routines that take a day or two to get accustomed to, but for the most part you should feel comfortable pretty quickly.

Will I really be welcomed?  We welcome everyone. You'll be greeted at the front door when you arrive and if you want there is a coffee hour in the Fellowship Hall between services where you can meet people.  It may feel a little uncomfortable, at first, if you don't know anyone but usually someone will invite you to sit with them or join you at your table.   


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